People use media sources to fuel hatred.


Interesting to read comments on social media and listen to some of the talking heads on television/radio. Because our nation was founded with a belief of freedom of religion whether Christian, Jew, Muslim or Atheist etc, everyone has a right to express their views and or religious beliefs..Many of us use various media sources to express our thoughts on a particular candidate or topic..our own thoughts, our own opinions.  Instead of some responding by expressing their own opinion many times the response is “How can you think the way you do?”, followed by negative names and hatred. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it is a shame that some can’t respect others and understand we are all different in thought and views..yet we can still respect one another…until we can all look at our fellow Americans and truly respect them for being a person this Country will continue to grow in hatred and anger toward anyone who is not exactly the same… Peace and Blessings for all Americans but please remember most of us do not express our opinion to convince or change anyone’s views..but just to express our own.


Refugee Ban is not Racism or like WWII


As the temporary ban from certain countries is in place many references regarding World War II have been brought up. Let’s clear up the differences. The Nazi’s believed that the Aryan race was the only pure, tolerable race and they blamed Jewish people for their problems thus they enacted plans for their ‘Final Solution’ to eliminate Jewish people.  The terrible events of WWII helped to create the State of Israel and a homeland for the Jewish people. America and much of the world today are fighting terrorists who kill in the name of Allah and their view of Islam. Even without the terrorist groups of ISIS, Al Qaeda and others the two main fractions of Islam (Sunni & Shia) have been fighting one another for centuries.  There are many Arab nations today, where there is only one Jewish State and that came about because of the Holocaust during WWII. Although there are different thoughts among Christians and Jews we don’t see a Baptist shooting a Methodist in the name of Jesus or an Orthodox Jew cutting the head off of a  reformed Jew in the name of GOD. There are some current Arab nations refusing to take in refugees (citing economic and other reasons) and ironically for the countries that will allow refugees many are choosing to come to America instead.  America is a Judeo-Christian nation in our foundation but we welcome and appreciate all people and allow all religions. The problem, however, has been with the Democratic Party Agenda and the Liberal Media that shouts “hate” and “racism” when we try to protect our nation and set controls to try to understand if those wanting to come and live here want to adapt to our rules, laws and culture, (which can be done without having to give up their faith and history) or are they trying to come here to CHANGE our culture. The Radical Islamist terror groups want to wipe America off the face of the Earth along with our ally Israel. President Trump said during his campaign, that if elected, he would halt refugees until our government can do a better job of vetting those that want to live their life within America and he is doing just that. The mistake I see is that they did not give instructions to Airports and on what to do with those that were already on their journey. Many Arab nations treat women poorly, and will kill or torture homosexuals. American’s may not always agree but more people want to be part of the American Dream than any other nation. There is nothing wrong with having strong protections in place to keep the ability of freedom and security for not only the current American citizens but all those that want to be part of our nation in the future.


Roe v. Wade 42 years later

If an honest conversation about Abortion can occur then maybe people will realize that a living being, whether inside of a woman or living outside the womb has a right to live.  Only God can make that choice.  A woman’s right to choose is not a valid argument as her choice involves another living being. All living beings have a right to live.  Even for those that say a fetus is not a Human Being yet, how can a woman decide to end that fetus’s chance to have a life….either way, Abortion stops life.


The State of the Union left out 1/2 our Population

Regardless of one’s political affiliation I believe it is time that we as citizens demand leadership for ALL citizens of the United States. It would be nice to hear a politician that wants to help ALL AMERICANS;. THE WEALTHY, THE MIDDLE AND THE POOR. I did not hear anything in Tuesday’s State of the Union about ending child hunger or finding ways for businesses to hire more people or help businesses have access to more capital. Let’s give ALL AMERICANS a reason to look forward to tomorrow. We are ALL in this as one country. We need to stop dividing people.
Before giving FREE tuition how about making sure no child is Hungry or living in the street.


A Reflection of those who Suffer

As I reflect on the life and passing of Stuart Scott, who brought sports casting to a whole new generation, I think about ALL the people I know who are dealing with disease, handicaps, personal struggles and even old age.  Every one of us has the opportunity to be an example to others. None of us know when GOD will be calling us to the next step in our journey. There are many people, due to circumstances we may never understand, that go to bed at night not knowing if this was their last day on Earth yet they live each day with Grace, Humility, Love and Peace.  We are all called to serve GOD  and to those in my personal life that continue to show me how blessed life is, not for how long we have on this Earth but for each and every day we are able to share love with others and count our blessings I say, “Thank You”.  GOD’s message is being heard through how you live your life.


More than just a Football Game

As I reflect on the Cotton Bowl game yesterday there was something that stood out before the first kickoff…I am sure it was not televised but right after the National Anthem, while everyone was standing one of the Bowl Committee members took the microphone and was on the big screen and led the 71,000 plus fans in a prayer. It was non-denominational but referenced “Our Creator” and God.  Heads were bowed and all of us stood together listening to words of peace, prayer and love. I have never been to a Bowl game so I do not know if this is standard practice but my son and I looked at each other and gave a nod of amazement. The outcome of the game, although quite satisfactory to this Spartan, is secondary to the fact that the Bowl Committee felt it important, despite any pressure or “political correctness” or worry about offending anyone, to thank God for our lives and the opportunity to be together and for the players and coaches. The score was one thing but before the first play occurred everyone in the stadium and the freedom to worship were victorious..AMEN


A wish for the New Year

My wish for 2015

I wish that for every tragic news story we also hear of heroics…hope can come from tragedy

For every athlete that cause problems off the field we need to hear of one that does good works in the community and for those that dance around and make inappropriate gestures after a play…please stop..ESPN should only promote those that work hard and hustle… it is called doing your job with pride and humility…aka role model

For every story about religious fighting and war we also need to hear of cooperation between Christian/Muslim/Jew etc..let’s make religious tolerance the norm not the exception

Instead of politicians that blame others let’s hear of those that work together…it does happen

Let’s stop the TV shows and movies that promote sex and drugs and replace with family values and morals…power of the media

For every dollar sent to other countries let’s keep two dollars here to rid the USA of child hunger and homelessness…we need a leader with the guts to do this

Instead of broadcasting about famous people who are getting divorced or infidelity let’s hear about long term marriages and those that work through relationship issues…Love is hard and worth fighting for

For every authority figure that crosses the line let’s hear of the other 99% that go above and beyond…Thank You Military, Police and Firemen
…I can sleep tonight!

For those that are depressed and feeling alone…Do Not give Up…Do Not be ashamed to ask for help…Everyone needs help sometimes…We are all in this together

For the times we may lose our temper and get mad at others…apologize

May God’s blessings continue to be with each and every one of you…Happy New Year!


The Recent Protests are Not Simply Black and White

The recent violence that occurred during the protests in Missouri and others around the nation should remind us that there is a lot of anger in this Country and it is NOT a Black and White issue.  Yes, there are people that will judge others based on skin color, based on nationality, based on accent, based on physical appearance, based on economic stature, based on political or religious affiliation etc.  Racism does exist, but it certainly is not the majority.  Contrary to what many in the news media or in Washington DC want us to believe, most people in this country respect one another and embrace our differences. The small percentage that turned peaceful protests to anger and destruction were certainly not acting with a goal of change for a better tomorrow, they were acting out of their frustration that they have in life.  When people don’t look forward to tomorrow, when there is not a lot of hope of a brighter future, when an individual feels as if their particular situation will never improve and they see others enjoying life, anger builds up.  The individuals that started fires, turned over police cars and destroyed businesses were angry before any grand jury decision was decided.  They just needed a spark to cause them to express their frustration and act without decency and respect for individuals.  Their actions were in contrast to what they claimed to be protesting for.  Newscasts, articles and even Facebook Posts show a lot of anger in this Country and it has gotten worse over the past 10 years. We must, as a Nation, work towards helping people feel good about life, feel good about who they are as individuals, feel good about living in America, and show how it is better to work together than it is to divide. In my humble opinion I believe we, as a Nation need to bring God back into everyday life, to help one another understand a bigger picture than just our own particular situation, help each other realize that we are all God’s children and we can make this Country a better place BECAUSE of our differences not in spite of them.


Veterans Day reminds us of what truly is Important

During this time of division throughout the Country on social issues and political fighting Veterans Day is a great reminder to all of us of what truly is important.  The American Dream exists because we can look forward to tomorrow, we can choose our future, we can Worship without fear, we can feel safe in our own homes.  None of this would be possible if not for the Men and Women who have served in the United States Armed Forces.  Throughout the World people dream of freedom. The American Soldier continues to fight for all people, all nations, all cultures that want to be free.  There is no greater sacrifice than risking one’s own life for another and our Servicemen and women have continued to exemplify what true heroes are generation after generation.   Thank you Veterans for Not giving up on what America stands for, especially when many find it easy to abandon our fundamental values.  May God continue to bless all Men and Women who serve in the Armed Forces.


Life Lessons from a Youth Baseball Team

On this eve of the 2014 Mid-Term Elections I share an experience that occurred over the weekend that show how people can stick to acting with integrity and honesty despite others choosing a different path. Politicians that want to stick to a Positive campaign to only go Negative because the other started it first are just as bad. Political parties blaming the other side for lack of progress is childish. Ironically, it was a group of 12 & 13 year old baseball players that showed all the adults in the stand and me as their coach that in spite of the actions of others one’s character and actions should not change. The team we played was called for cheating by the umpire and league 3 times in a two day tournament. They continued to push the limits with other items that included inappropriate words to my players and other unsportsmanlike conduct. On a weekend that saw a Big Ten Football Team refuse to shake hands during the coin toss and 2 NASCAR Drivers end up in a fist fight on pit row these young men on the baseball field never responded with inappropriate words or behavior, and although they did not feel like the other team deserved it they met in the middle of the field for the obligatory end of game hand shake. They played the entire game as they have played the entire season with class, integrity and good sportsmanship. They chose to do the right thing instead of whatever it takes to get a victory in a game. All of us as parents could not be more proud of these young men and the lessons they teach all of us that having integrity and doing the right thing is part of one’s character and not something that should be compromised because others around us choose a different path. God Bless those young men!