Hobby Lobby and a Health System that is still broken.

My two cents…and I welcome those with a different opinion because Respectful Discussion on differences is what our Country is about and we as average citizens need to show Washington how to do it…The Hobby Lobby case brings the whole Health Care Law back to the headlines. The Constitution does not guarantee that every citizen should have their employer Provide health care, nor that everyone is Required to have health care…my opinion, Health Care needs to be Available (Not forced) to everyone…those with pre-existing conditions should be able to get treatment, Children should be able to get health care so they can grow up and make their own choices on how to live. People have a choice where to work, if their employer provides a 401-K, a Pension, Bonus, etc..they can choose to apply and accept a position from that company or not…people in this country can work where they want..they are not forced to work for any particular company..a person can look at the benefits a company offers and choose to work there, they are not forced to. The law says companies of a certain size and employees that work over a certain number of hours have to be provided health care but other companies and those under the hours do not. If the Constitution guaranteed Health Care be provided than there would be No stipulation on size or hours… The Hobby Lobby case did not Ban contraception, they are still legal….those employees can still purchase them the same way people that work for small companies and those that don’t work can do. If the Health care system was fixed so premiums were affordable then people can pick and choose what plan they would like to purchase if they want health insurance. If the Gov’t would have looked at some of States that offer Insurance to those that would not have qualified otherwise due to pre-existing conditions they could have built upon that and expanded it to help those that could not get. Citizens in this Country would give their shirt of their back to help a neighbor in need but to force a person or a business to pay for something or pay a fine for not having it is in contrast to “Freedom”. Instead of fixing the Issue of Health Care, the waste, the bureaucracy, the lack of oversight, non-availability of plans outside of own State etc. the Law forces all of us to pay one way or another without addressing the cause of these problems. If the VA issue can teach us one thing it is that the Gov’t has Not done a good job in its oversight of the Health System for our Veterans…why do they think they can do a Better job with the control of the Entire Nation’s health system? We need Leadership not the same old Washington.


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