We Must Think Long Term To Stop Terrorism !

The events over the past two weeks and the continuous conflicts around the world should be a good lesson to all the Peaceful World Leaders that we are losing the battle of peace, love and faith. The Radical Terrorists, whether ISIS, The Taliban, Hamas, or any other group that believes that murdering those who do not believe the same way they do is justified need to be stopped. Christians, Jews and even Muslims continue to be murdered by radical extremists because of faith.  Iraq & Afghanistan are prime examples of this and how you cannot change a culture, a mindset, a history by just changing their leadership.  The terrorists are winning the war of information, of communication and of reaching out to the children.  The United States and our Allies need to start looking at the long term…the next generation.  We need to introduce the correct information so that these children do not grow up and think that The United States, Israel, and other peaceful nations are Evil. This is why these terrorists cannot be defeated permanently for they teach children from early on that they need to hate and that Democratic Societies or people of Different Faiths are Evil.  They grow up to Hate and Kill.  Over the Past 20 years terrorist groups have been afraid of the sharing of information. If a young child in Iran sees a child on the internet playing and growing up in the United States or Israel they will question what they have been taught.  Children are children. They are born with love and a clear mind. They are taught to hate from adults.  The terrorist organizations have stepped up their effort to give young people propaganda in schools, in their churches and at their kitchen tables to Hate. They are grooming the next generation of terrorism and it will keep going until we stop it.  We can change the tide.  Our leaders in Washington need to encourage, better yet, they need to Lead All Peaceful Muslim, Christian & Jewish Leaders to work on getting information to the children around the world…let’s teach the truth about peace and love and humanity and cut off the cycle of terrorism once and for all.



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