Washington Needs to Earn their Paycheck

Here is a radical thought..(or just common sense) What if Congress and the President were paid based on accomplishment and not just for being elected?.Give them Minimum Wage until bills are passed…Balance the budget (keep our nation fiscally sound for our future)..get a bonus…Increase our military and secure our borders..(we should be respected & not walked over…other countries should follow our lead not the other way around)…another bonus..Make sure there is not one American Child that is hungry or living on the street,unconscionable for this to occur in the USA…another bonus…if Washington can accomplish one Fiscal, one Military and one Social issue in a year they can earn their money..set priorities and get it done…bet we would not see many Golf Outings, trips to Hawaii, or 5 week congressional breaks and may even see Adults working together without name calling and school yard bullying.


One thought on “Washington Needs to Earn their Paycheck

  1. Jerry G. says:

    Having a do-nothing president who is burying this country is enough to be impeached, let alone suing him by the House for at least 20 unconstitutional acts he initiated in his dreadful Obama-care.’ We need more people like you, Eric who are not afraid to speak out against the Executive and Legislative branches of our government. Hope you consider getting into the political arena…we need good leaders.

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