The Recent Protests are Not Simply Black and White

The recent violence that occurred during the protests in Missouri and others around the nation should remind us that there is a lot of anger in this Country and it is NOT a Black and White issue.  Yes, there are people that will judge others based on skin color, based on nationality, based on accent, based on physical appearance, based on economic stature, based on political or religious affiliation etc.  Racism does exist, but it certainly is not the majority.  Contrary to what many in the news media or in Washington DC want us to believe, most people in this country respect one another and embrace our differences. The small percentage that turned peaceful protests to anger and destruction were certainly not acting with a goal of change for a better tomorrow, they were acting out of their frustration that they have in life.  When people don’t look forward to tomorrow, when there is not a lot of hope of a brighter future, when an individual feels as if their particular situation will never improve and they see others enjoying life, anger builds up.  The individuals that started fires, turned over police cars and destroyed businesses were angry before any grand jury decision was decided.  They just needed a spark to cause them to express their frustration and act without decency and respect for individuals.  Their actions were in contrast to what they claimed to be protesting for.  Newscasts, articles and even Facebook Posts show a lot of anger in this Country and it has gotten worse over the past 10 years. We must, as a Nation, work towards helping people feel good about life, feel good about who they are as individuals, feel good about living in America, and show how it is better to work together than it is to divide. In my humble opinion I believe we, as a Nation need to bring God back into everyday life, to help one another understand a bigger picture than just our own particular situation, help each other realize that we are all God’s children and we can make this Country a better place BECAUSE of our differences not in spite of them.


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