A wish for the New Year

My wish for 2015

I wish that for every tragic news story we also hear of heroics…hope can come from tragedy

For every athlete that cause problems off the field we need to hear of one that does good works in the community and for those that dance around and make inappropriate gestures after a play…please stop..ESPN should only promote those that work hard and hustle… it is called doing your job with pride and humility…aka role model

For every story about religious fighting and war we also need to hear of cooperation between Christian/Muslim/Jew etc..let’s make religious tolerance the norm not the exception

Instead of politicians that blame others let’s hear of those that work together…it does happen

Let’s stop the TV shows and movies that promote sex and drugs and replace with family values and morals…power of the media

For every dollar sent to other countries let’s keep two dollars here to rid the USA of child hunger and homelessness…we need a leader with the guts to do this

Instead of broadcasting about famous people who are getting divorced or infidelity let’s hear about long term marriages and those that work through relationship issues…Love is hard and worth fighting for

For every authority figure that crosses the line let’s hear of the other 99% that go above and beyond…Thank You Military, Police and Firemen
…I can sleep tonight!

For those that are depressed and feeling alone…Do Not give Up…Do Not be ashamed to ask for help…Everyone needs help sometimes…We are all in this together

For the times we may lose our temper and get mad at others…apologize

May God’s blessings continue to be with each and every one of you…Happy New Year!


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