Roe v. Wade 42 years later

If an honest conversation about Abortion can occur then maybe people will realize that a living being, whether inside of a woman or living outside the womb has a right to live.  Only God can make that choice.  A woman’s right to choose is not a valid argument as her choice involves another living being. All living beings have a right to live.  Even for those that say a fetus is not a Human Being yet, how can a woman decide to end that fetus’s chance to have a life….either way, Abortion stops life.


The State of the Union left out 1/2 our Population

Regardless of one’s political affiliation I believe it is time that we as citizens demand leadership for ALL citizens of the United States. It would be nice to hear a politician that wants to help ALL AMERICANS;. THE WEALTHY, THE MIDDLE AND THE POOR. I did not hear anything in Tuesday’s State of the Union about ending child hunger or finding ways for businesses to hire more people or help businesses have access to more capital. Let’s give ALL AMERICANS a reason to look forward to tomorrow. We are ALL in this as one country. We need to stop dividing people.
Before giving FREE tuition how about making sure no child is Hungry or living in the street.


A Reflection of those who Suffer

As I reflect on the life and passing of Stuart Scott, who brought sports casting to a whole new generation, I think about ALL the people I know who are dealing with disease, handicaps, personal struggles and even old age.  Every one of us has the opportunity to be an example to others. None of us know when GOD will be calling us to the next step in our journey. There are many people, due to circumstances we may never understand, that go to bed at night not knowing if this was their last day on Earth yet they live each day with Grace, Humility, Love and Peace.  We are all called to serve GOD  and to those in my personal life that continue to show me how blessed life is, not for how long we have on this Earth but for each and every day we are able to share love with others and count our blessings I say, “Thank You”.  GOD’s message is being heard through how you live your life.


More than just a Football Game

As I reflect on the Cotton Bowl game yesterday there was something that stood out before the first kickoff…I am sure it was not televised but right after the National Anthem, while everyone was standing one of the Bowl Committee members took the microphone and was on the big screen and led the 71,000 plus fans in a prayer. It was non-denominational but referenced “Our Creator” and God.  Heads were bowed and all of us stood together listening to words of peace, prayer and love. I have never been to a Bowl game so I do not know if this is standard practice but my son and I looked at each other and gave a nod of amazement. The outcome of the game, although quite satisfactory to this Spartan, is secondary to the fact that the Bowl Committee felt it important, despite any pressure or “political correctness” or worry about offending anyone, to thank God for our lives and the opportunity to be together and for the players and coaches. The score was one thing but before the first play occurred everyone in the stadium and the freedom to worship were victorious..AMEN