People use media sources to fuel hatred.


Interesting to read comments on social media and listen to some of the talking heads on television/radio. Because our nation was founded with a belief of freedom of religion whether Christian, Jew, Muslim or Atheist etc, everyone has a right to express their views and or religious beliefs..Many of us use various media sources to express our thoughts on a particular candidate or topic..our own thoughts, our own opinions.  Instead of some responding by expressing their own opinion many times the response is “How can you think the way you do?”, followed by negative names and hatred. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it is a shame that some can’t respect others and understand we are all different in thought and views..yet we can still respect one another…until we can all look at our fellow Americans and truly respect them for being a person this Country will continue to grow in hatred and anger toward anyone who is not exactly the same… Peace and Blessings for all Americans but please remember most of us do not express our opinion to convince or change anyone’s views..but just to express our own.


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